Monday, October 18, 2010

Loss of Language

A couple of years ago I started writing a book. Of course I didn't finish because of how obviously ridiculous and time consuming it was. "Izania" as it was called was about to lovers not meant for each others world. A modern "Romeo and Juliet" of sorts but angled toward the reading levels of teens. Both of these lovers were naturally born knowing the language English. Yet they had no ability,nor did they want to, to learn the language of their own people.
This correlates with what I am speaking about today.( I have decided to blog every day) Loss of language. The creatures in "Izania" loss their language because of threats of discovery. Today we ave absolutely no threats but are losing our language any way. Not just because of convenient technology but because we are simply lazy. We have dumbed down the way we think because of the inconvenience "long-winded" responses give. Not you? Think about it.
In an English class I took. Many of us had failed a certain spelling test. It was hard and confusing. It asked we too much from us. What was all of our excuses? We didn't know them. Granted we were still in school and many other thing, but a matter of fact we didn't know because we were immersed in the easy way out instead of actually learning.
Language is so important. If we loose what else do we have. What happened to those sweet sounding words that usually came out of one's mouth? The phrase "What's up?" won't help us in government. In a social life. In a career. Its the bases of all discoveries. We need our language. We need all those words to better define our lives for the people to come, for the next few generations.
What's crackin' , America?

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I just saw the movie "The Social Network." I was intrigued by the thought process of each individual involved. It was interesting but not surprising how when you factor in money everything that really matters go down the drain. Things like friendships and yourself as a person. The worth of your soul is much less important than the worth of your work, ideas, and overall the worth of your flesh, skin, bone, blood.
"Online." The creation of " The Facebook" was not the first idea of its kind. What I loved most was how people just eat this idea like it was candy. It was--it is so important to stay connected to someone's profile instead of the person himself. The laziness of man is remarkably odd. Perhaps even more hilarious than one would think. What is this constant need for communication. As I sit here and type I wonder if someone will text me. Even notice if I'm breathing. Why is this so?
In one of the trailers for this movie a rendition of the song "Creep" By Radiohead(rendition by Scala and Kolacny Brothers) states the most vital thing that helps us understand this. " I want you to notice/ when I'm not around." Its that need of recognition that keeps us "updating" what we are doing every second even if we know only we care if we are going to swimming practice or getting braces.
We need to log off, shut down, turn off, and disconnect. Go outside and say hi to a neighbor.
Live life in the moment. In the right now. What else is there to text, America?

Friday, July 9, 2010

I'M GAY: Tolerance v.s. Acceptance

G. A. Y.

Lesbian, homosexual, gay: whatever you would like to say. Are you ready to hear those 2 words from your child? Your friend? Your parental unit? What you knew before was whiped away. And you dont know how to feel. You may be tolorent but what happens when someone you love becomes something, someone you can just tolorate. He/she is now not what you want them to be. No matter what you say. What you do. How much you support. NOTHING can prepare you for that. America is the same as a group. There is only tolorence, not acceptence. They are two different words. 2 different meanings. While talking to my parents I realized just that America. That we can only tolorete for so long until there is nothing at all.

[( I accept homosexuality. If God made someone that way that means it is good. And He, the almighty made them special and that should be accepted. They have no phsych problems. Its just the way they were born.)]

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2010, Meet Mr. Sensuality and Mrs. Sexuality

One word sums up what society always has on its brain; SEX. Makes you nervous? Of course it doesn't. This isn't 1900. Sex has been a flowing vice for everything. Tv shows, Movies, Billboards, and clothing. It isn't just a private thing men discuss. Its something they put on the screen in front of you. Yes, even Carrie and Miranda could tell you a thing or two about their " bunny rabbit" from their lovely show : "SEX AND THE CITY"

" The nasty" isn't so nasty anymore.So why the sudden change? Is our body trying to tell us that procreation is a need. That our species might die out. Nope. Is what "they" sell us arousing certain feelings we haven't felt before?

Or do we just want sex!? The things that are put in front of us only tell one part of the equation. That its fun and something shared between two people. Sometimes in love sometimes not. But the reality is that its a need. Something a person's intincts tell them. Both a man and a woman want it the same. Even the same anonymous place and person. Its in your phsyc and chemical make up. It will never be avioded.

The only problem with what we see in those screens is that it is also seen by young veiwers. Who are not learning what is so real. Like how it feels to lose your virginity. How empty or hurt that you feel. They only see the glam. We must stop the commercialness and teach the next generation that " old school" is the only school there is.

What is there to think America?

Sunday, June 13, 2010


As if the word doesn't speak for itself, Steroetypes are the things we assosiate with certain groups of people. Especially here, in America. Whether it be race or religion, sexuality or body weight. There is always a classification in society about everything.

Say a woman decides she is lesbian, no one would truly believe this beautiful woman, who is above feminine to be lesbian. Because society says if your a "dyke" for lack of a better term, you must have boyish manerisms and of course cut of all your hair. Did it ever occur to someone that we are not all the same although a majority of or " label " is like this.

But of course no label deems you uncool. Not valid in society. If you don't label yourself than society has to do it for you. What you get, you may not like or it may not be you at all. If YOU as an American want change. You have to shed those thoughts society has given you and have a new perspective.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Unknown. Smart? Genius? Hidden genius? Dumb? Is she a star or the average Joe shying into the oblivion; lost in a world where everyone is not equivalent but only a status.

Does Rachel, that unknown lazy , funny yet totally clutzy girl from Illinois represent one of the greatest problems in America?

Does Rachel represent YOU?


There may be honesty and there may be lieing, but there is never TRUST. Trust is just a word we use, a lie , a cover up. It is basically a desire and in our brains our instincts tell us that trust no one. Not even your closest family member. Any day they may decide that your not a close family member. And hurt you severely. Always keep up you guard, it says, ALWAYS.
We don't trust. We're just honest. Everyday is another challenge, another game. Trust makes everything just look pretty.

Trust is the problem in this country.....Trust is ignorant of reality.